Eleni Foureira - Fuego - Cyprus - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2018

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Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest

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Eleni Foureira will represent Cyprus at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with the song Fuego

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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest 3 שנים לפני
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I Don‘t Need A Name
I Don‘t Need A Name 2 שנים לפני
She is Albanian
vipersnestea 3 שנים לפני
I don't understand how this song didn't win eurovision. This is 100% the true winner.
Piotr Wojtal
Piotr Wojtal שנה לפני
I can't still forget about it after 2 years.
Dontgiveafuck שנה לפני
I was shocked now when I hear "Fuego" in Elite episode 2 . Wow 🤩😱
gabi6262 3 שנים לפני
Honestly, I don't get why this song hasn't won the Eurovision
Sara Alonso
Sara Alonso 2 שנים לפני
She was born in Albania,
NikkieTutorials 3 שנים לפני
Stitched Mouth
Stitched Mouth 2 שנים לפני
Almost two years later and I’m still trying to figure out how she didn’t win the Eurovision.
Artificial Neuron
Artificial Neuron 3 שנים לפני
This is actually a song you can listen after Eurovision (not like the majority) just because it’s beautiful... spectacular performance, amazing voice, incredible choreography. For me this is the winner...
Dim Gvm
Dim Gvm
When the video was released and there wasn’t a lot of choreo for Eleni, there was a reason why.. and everyone who lives in Greece and Cyprus and knows who Eleni Foureira is, can understand why. Eleni Foureira is the best performer in Greece and of course they wanted her killer performance on stage to be a surprise! And of course it worked! After her first rehearsal, she was placed on No. 1 on the betting odds, when previously she was on the 24th or 26th place!
It can't be almost 3 years already... how fast time went by 😢
Mihai Petre
Mihai Petre 2 שנים לפני
Still a hit here in Spain, they put it at least 7 times a day on the same radio channel
Anthos 3 שנים לפני
Μπορεί να μην εκπροσωπεί την Ελλάδα αλλά εμείς συνεχίζουμε να είμαστε δίπλα της γιατί το άξιζε να πάει στην eurovision! Φιλιά από Ελλάδα 😘🇬🇷❤
aannaabcn 3 שנים לפני
Brutal cómo me hace bailar esta canción. TEMAZO.
Ema Mut
Ema Mut 3 שנים לפני
This song was THE BOMB of Eurovision. A sweet explosion of energy. Can't wait to hear more from this charismatic lady❤
jossyeo 2 שנים לפני
I’ve listened to this song a thousand times already and I still haven’t grown tired of it. This is definitely my favorite Eurovision song of ALL TIME!
Lýnn 3 שנים לפני
She doesn't need autotune! when she was singing live she was lit on fire! her singing was just amazing and so good! she also placed 2nd place. I feel like she is a Shakira Beyonce mix
suzanne is a queen
suzanne is a queen
3 years of this masterpiece the nostalgia is hitting hard
Dan Mc Dine
Dan Mc Dine 3 שנים לפני
I am certain that Cyprus will win this year, I can see it. Eleni is the best greek pop Diva that Greece/Cyprus has nowdays. She has everything to impress on the stage. You can tell she is confident ( something very important when you know so many million people is watching you) and she is an experienced singer. The song is super powerfull, has that ethnic sounds in it that gives you shivers!!!. 12 points from Spain! PAME ELENI
Eleni Foureira - Fuego - Cyprus - LIVE - Grand Final - Eurovision 2018
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