Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes (Sweden) - LIVE at Eurovision 2015: Semi-Final 2

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Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Song Contest

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Live performance in the second Semi-Final of Heroes by Måns Zelmerlöw representing Sweden at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

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Elsie Lovelock
Elsie Lovelock 6 שנים לפני
This is not overrated... he did an incredible job singing it, it's the only song/performance so far that's actually given me chills, and the staging and effects are amazing.
Алёна Ахметова
Алёна Ахметова שנה לפני
Абсолютно заслуженная победа! Переслушиваю периодически 😍
Rachel the Kiwi
Rachel the Kiwi 5 שנים לפני
And people ask me why I love Sweden......
Edmundas K
Edmundas K 5 שנים לפני
Every year i do the same when Eurovision starts i replay my favorite winners and songs. It's like tradition now.....
Vaqif Aliyev
Vaqif Aliyev שנה לפני
We are the heroes
Haru Haesu
Haru Haesu
та самая песня которая полностью заслужила своё первое место❤
Ants Girl
Ants Girl 5 שנים לפני
am i the only one that found that song very Avicii like?
Камбар Тенизбаев
Камбар Тенизбаев 6 שנים לפני
так круто спел песню, аж до мурашки! молодец Манс!
Jazzer 5 שנים לפני
This song won cause the songs about his life as a Young kid. In school he was being bullied by 1 guy and all his friends turned on him and bullied him and he had no friends then but then there was 1 guy who helped him to tell him to be strong and that he's a hero in his heart ore something idk all the things but that made them become best friends and that made him be a hero so that's about why he won its beautiful😃 a really good song that helps other kids that has a hard time in life Måns is really a hero to all of us not that we see him but that he's in our heart forever Måns helped a lot of kids for this that's why it won 😇
what 5 שנים לפני
Who says that this song won beause of graphics, you're fools... IT IS A HIT
Noa VanD
Noa VanD 5 שנים לפני
2015: we are the heroes of our time, 2016: love love peace peace old women are baking bread 😂
Magnum Life
Magnum Life 2 שנים לפני
Сейчас 2019 год. Но эта песня 🎶 по прежнему лучшая! Это очень мощно! Евровидение скатилось.
Japek34 6 שנים לפני
top 5 winners for now
Andra Belea
Andra Belea 5 שנים לפני
Awesome voice, awesome lyrics, awesome staging
Варвара Гончарова
Варвара Гончарова 2 שנים לפני
Шёл 2019,я до сих пор не могу оторваться от этой песни...
Tobias Jensen
Tobias Jensen 5 שנים לפני
Who's still listening to this song in 2016 and still getting goosebumps? ;O
Shobien 5 שנים לפני
He is: The best winner, the best host EVER, the most friendly, handsome, generous man on earth, his voice is amazing, the lights on scene were amazing but I think he needed a lot of practice to make his win possible. So he is the most deserved winner in Eurovison (in my opinion). I'm not swedish, I'm romanian sooo.. You are the best Måns
Nata Bekauri
Nata Bekauri
This is the best performance I ever saw on the EU vision scene. Great job Mans! Until now nobody surpassed you on this scene. 💜 from Georgia 🌼
SriKrishna 6 שנים לפני
We are the heroes of our time.. Congrats Sweden. Congrats hero - Måns Zelmerlöw
Полина Дронова
Полина Дронова 6 שנים לפני
Очень круто спел, достоин 1 места!
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